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Long Trip to United States

Before leaving for a long trip, it’s a neat idea to talk to people who have been involved with such trips. Online information (like this article) can also become your reliable source on information regarding long trips. The best way to deal with the trip in the best possible way is to be informative. Know about the destinations, the weather status during the entire stay. Learn about the local government, the local laws, rules and regulations. All these things are invaluable info on long trips.

A complete to-do list must be available with you before you begin your trip. This includes defining your entire trip with precision, stuff you need to pack (pack very light), your medicines, travel insurance, local contacts at the destinations etc. Also check up for if your passport needs renewal, whether the visa obtained (if required) is for long enough duration.

Another important point is to be prepared for uncomfortable trips. Jet legged, dehydrations, reduction in motivation and such like factors can dampen your spirits. Always keep your body decked up with enough proteins and nutrition for maximum energy levels. Carrying energy gels, dry fruits etc, is a very proper idea. Add excitement with indulging into activities which are not so travel specific, like, picking an alien language, getting to cook with local products. Also, you can keep writing a travel journal to collate all the memories.