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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Long Trip to United States

Before leaving for a long trip, it’s a neat idea to talk to people who have been involved with such trips. Online information (like this article) can also become your reliable source on information regarding long trips. The best way to deal with the trip in the best possible way is to be informative. Know about the destinations, the weather status during the entire stay. Learn about the local government, the local laws, rules and regulations. All these things are invaluable info on long trips.

A complete to-do list must be available with you before you begin your trip. This includes defining your entire trip with precision, stuff you need to pack (pack very light), your medicines, travel insurance, local contacts at the destinations etc. Also check up for if your passport needs renewal, whether the visa obtained (if required) is for long enough duration.

Another important point is to be prepared for uncomfortable trips. Jet legged, dehydrations, reduction in motivation and such like factors can dampen your spirits. Always keep your body decked up with enough proteins and nutrition for maximum energy levels. Carrying energy gels, dry fruits etc, is a very proper idea. Add excitement with indulging into activities which are not so travel specific, like, picking an alien language, getting to cook with local products. Also, you can keep writing a travel journal to collate all the memories.

World Ventures Dream Trips

World Ventures – At A Glance

As a travel company, world ventures provides vacations (called “dream trips”) to clients. They book these trips online, and by doing so, claim to have “combined the power of the Internet with network marketing”.

The company was started by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, who have ties to another company called GTT. World Ventures launched December 10, 2005, and claims to generate sales of just under $150,000,000 in revenue, and it costs $400 to join the company.

World Ventures Dream Trips – A Closer Look

The first controversy starts with the connection of the owners to GTT. This company has come under significant criticism for it’s marketing practices. The executive board has some interesting titles as well, such as “Chief Strategy Officer” and “Chief Visionary Officer”. How unique.

The Bottom Line

The real issue with the company is the marketing that is advocated and taught. The old MLM model of recruiting “friends and family” is still alive and well there, and for all the lip-service, they do not encourage the use of the Internet (beyond email) to grow your business. They do have pretty graphics and fancy java-script on their website, but their marketing strategies are strongly rooted in the 1950’s.

Online Bookings on Andalusia

Booking Procedure

Booking online for any Andalusia tour is easy as many consumers are computer savvy and have at least a computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet. A consumer keen on an exciting Andalusia tour can make an online booking by getting on the Internet and browsing for their preferred Andalusia tours.

The online screen is easy to fill up with its straightforward set up. Once the information is keyed in and confirmed, the booking is considered as confirmed with the full payment made online. Payment is easy through most major credit cards and the traveler is ready to get packing for their trip.

Online Screen

When a traveler finds an online site on Andalusia, he can fill in the required information before submitting the form electronically. It would be a non-binding booking unless full payment is made.

The traveler would need to choose the Andalusia package tour from the screen where many Andalusia tour options are displayed. The price quoted on each Andalusia tour is per person on a twin sharing basis.

There will be displayed the full itinerary of any tour option chosen depending on the traveler’s choice. Travelers can also add on extra nights to the standard tour package. Travelers may also choose to add on travel insurance from the online tour package or obtain their own elsewhere.

Travelers must state their preferred dates of travel, their names, age, number of rooms, contact details and preferred payment mode with their preferred Andalusia package.

Packages Availability

The online tour operator would normally respond to an online booking very fast to confirm the booking request. It depends on the availability of spaces in the package deal. Popular packages may get filled very quickly.

Some of the more popular Andalusia packages include six-day tour of Jerez and Cadiz where not only historic monuments are viewed, wine tasting is also included. There would be guided tours of bodegas or sherry wineries.

A Ronda package is also very popular with connections to Seville and other big cities around Ronda in Andalusia. There will be appropriate guided tours to many major attractions like the renowned bullfighting and flamenco activities.

Online Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Annual multi trip insurance covers you for unlimited trips over a 12 month period with the only proviso being that each trip can be no longer than 90 days. The premiums for a multi trip annual policy are less than if you took out a single trip policy each time you traveled. It is similar to a “bulk buy” in that the insurance company obviously earns a bigger premium for greater cover but because there is less time involvement for the insurer they can average down the cost per trip for the client. Basic multi trip annual insurance will include cover for emergency hospital and medical treatment as well as some other minor risks (stolen documents, loss of income etc) whereas if you take out comprehensive cover then you will be covered for an expanded range of risks which could include death and permanent disability, emergency companion cover, family emergency and additional accommodation cover.

Cheap or basic cover for annual multi trip travel insurance is obviously less costly but it is important for a company to cover risk adequately because without doing so, the company could suffer significant financial loss if a staff member is hospitalized for a lengthy period of time. By purchasing either basic or comprehensive business insurance online you will find the premiums even cheaper because the insurance company is selling directly to you rather than through an agent. Commission that would otherwise be paid to the agent is instead applied (at least to some extent) to reducing the premiums on your business travel multi trip insurance policy. There are some well established online insurance companies that can provide quality multi-trip cover at up to 50% less than the cost for the same cover through a travel agency or other insurance companies generating their business through a commission based distribution channel.

Some insurance companies will not insure the elderly or those with pre existing medical conditions. There are however online travel policy companies who do not have any age limits on their policies and will offer multi trip travel policy to those with pre existing medical conditions. Any traveler with pre existing medical conditions will obviously need to complete an online pre-existing medical condition process and should expect to pay a higher premium because of the increased risk to the travel insurance company. Similarly if you are an elderly traveler your premiums will be higher but insignificant when compared to the very high costs of hospitalization or medical treatment charged in many countries around the world.

A further way to save on premiums is to nominate the destination areas where you or your company’s employees will be traveling. While many multi trip insurance policies have a blanket world wide cover you can arrange a tailored policy through a limited number of travel insurers. If you have staff traveling in the Asia and Pacific region (where medical and hospital costs are reasonable) why pay higher premiums to cover travel in the USA where hospitalization costs are extremely high? Go direct online for your multi-trip travel insurance, obtain destination based cover and save.